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Hello and thank you for visiting my website and exploring the opportunity for us to work together. 

As I understand the reality of budgets and deadlines in the business world, I try to provide fair and flexible pricing options to meet your needs.

So what I am striving for is:

Always highest quality,

A quick turnaround,

And flexible pricing options to meet your budget.

Simply put, I price projects, not hours. I value relationships, not hours.

If you can share your budget with me, I can arrange a package to suit your needs. If you can't share the budget, well, honestly, how can I help you? If you're looking for the cheapest option, the internet, the city, and frankly every photography "club" has plenty of options for you.

If however you're ready for a professional, to get the job done and get it done well, to make yourself, your company, and your clients look good...let's continue this conversation.

I have an MBA from a top management program and work experience with fortune 100 companies across industries, so I understand business needs beyond just pretty pictures. I have learned, worked, and taught across the world to build a multifaceted multicultural understanding of the global and local environment we must be sensitive to when framing a visual plan for your business or even a smaller familiar audience. What I ask is for a meeting to show you what you get with me as a person and as a professional... and then the price can be justified.

If there are more questions (and I hope there are many), please contact me now at or (+82)10-3938-2685.

I look forward to capturing your special moments for you.


Anuj Madan

Principal Photographer

Anuj Madan Photography