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This space is for my non-art. It is a place where I will store my sarcasm, disillusionment, and frustrations with the art world but the more I do it, the more I start to see the humor in it. Art has become non-art more than ever before in history. This may be a good thing, to blur the lines between what art is and what art isn't. Art is also often referred by me as F'art - as in fake (pretense), false (misunderstood), stinky (pretentious). 

I went from creating photographs to abstract paintings to mixed media creations and now to conceptual installations. This journey took place organically, but also, during Covid times it become an intellectual search for meaning. Now, I am  in a perpetual state of purgatory (who isn't right?) where I feel paralyzed to "make" "art" in a world where invisible statues, duct tape-bananas, robot sculptures, and that N word (NFT's) are an everyday occurrence. So, I play with what I'm given, I too make sculptures out of the souls of toilet paper, I too can duct tape my reactions to pretentious art on walls, I too can create invisible art (although arguably I was already doing that given than no one ever really saw my work anyway). I even set up some NFT's on Rarible. 

The biggest discovery of my career has been this, I am not making art for sale. I do not want to sell my art. I have seen what sold art endures and I wouldn't send my babies into that hell. A hell where matching rugs determine its placement in a condo, attics tell ghostly stories to stored artworks and scar them for life, where an artwork can be shred into pieces, figuratively or literally, and be sold like a commodity or worse an NFT. My art is NOT FOR SALE ... but if I must, you can buy the NOT FOR SALE sign that  may hang in the foreground of my work. 

To set up a meeting email whereisanuj@gmail.com , or call me at (+91)98119 03173

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