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Hi, I am Anuj Madan (우주), a freelance photographer based in  South Korea, specializing in Portraits and Food photography, and enjoying shooting interior design, architecture, street photos as well.

My Motto:

      "If you don't feel it, I can't capture it"

 Hi, my name is Anuj, and since you will be dealing with me directly, you might as well get to know me a little. I am an American photographer (with a little spice from India mixed in) and I love being 'more than just a photographer' in Korea. I have an MBA in International Management  from Thunderbird University, and was a college professor in South Korea for 7 years before I surrendered to the artist in me and became a corporate, event, interior design , and food (because who doesn't love delicious food) photographer under the mentorship of some recognized and award winning photographers.

I would like to highlight one personality trait about me as you decide whether to work with me or not.  Simply put, I am a professional - this means:

1. I am always on time

2. I deliver before deadlines

3. Client satisfaction is my number one priority.

More than a Photographer, you need someone reliable, that's me.

 Every finished photo set I send to clients is edited by me personally with professional tools, experience, and care. Professional photo editing services are included with every project; allowing the ability to add a surreal or timeless effect to the photos. This includes everything from basic adjusting of light, color, and cropping, to highly advanced editing techniques, making your photos perfect for your preferences.

My list of satisfied clients includes Hard Rock Cafe, Urban Group(Vatos), Manimal, Craftworks, Nexcite group, Galmegi Brewing, Mozzie, Nori Table, Slice of Life, Edge Communications, George Mason University Korea, City of Busan, Busan Haps Magazine, to name a few. Every single one of them asked me to come back and collaborate on additional projects.

Self-praise aside, there is a lot that goes into running a business, and I understand that marketing is just one factor that you are trying to deal with right now. I run this business on my own and would like to assist you in some small way to run yours. I also understand that everyone has constraints to work within, so let's discuss how we can both achieve our goals within the timeframe and budget we have to work with. Tell me what you need and let me deliver impactful photos to help you promote your business. 

To see an example of a multi-phase project I worked on for a client in 2017, click here 

Golmok Gourmet - Except for the first interview video, all other photos and bottom two cinemagraphs were my work.

To set up a meeting email whereisanuj@gmail.com , or call me at 010-3938-2685