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My artistic journey began in photography, where after years of shooting still life, food, architecture, events, fashion, and portraits, my interest began to lean less towards what I could see and capture, and stronger yet towards making my own vision come to life as an artist. This new chapter in my journey began with my own unique style of abstract photography and then grew into sketching and finally painting abstract art on large scale canvases. From America, to South Korea, and now finally residing in India, I have embraced the idea that my intuitive desire for wanting to go with the flow rather than a predetermined plan is best manifested in this particular style of what I term ‘balanced abstract art’.

When I begin generating ideas for new artwork, the percolation process involves the manifestation of an intention. The intention that the work must stand the test of time or at least be a testament to the times it was created in and for. The incubation process takes time, it follows a path of conscious intellectual bickering and subconscious blabber , and in the end I look at the work and wonder if it achieved its intention. Then, finally, the fine line between justification and nhilism is always a battle. I love each work as my kin but let's admit it, some babies be ugly. On a more intellectual note, some babies aren't born that bright. So of course there are ways to justify their existence but within me there is also a deep philosophical nhilistic (the belief that life is meaningless) persona that instead of fighting I have learned to channel. If all is meaningless then why not use this to be free. I use this meaninglessness as fuel to be artistically, creatively, emotionally (much to the chagrin of loved ones around me) free. So I end up evaluating my work for its place in the world ...a world that has no place in me. And yet I must create, for what is one to do with a purposeless life but to be as natural as possible and enjoy the shuffle of energies within and around. Ultimately the work that emerges may be beautiful ..or not. It may have deep philosophical undertones...or not. It may stand that test of time...or not. The fact remains, it was made, it took energies, it was seen, absorbed, loved or rejected or worse ignored. But it is at least as real as I.

To learn more about my art philosophy please refer to my 'writing' section here.

A recent exhibition titled: Broken Beauty was based on the following concept. 

Nothing is perfect. And in the seemingly perfect, are hidden flaws, slowly revealed; unveiling the true beauty within. The fragility that is inherent in us all, renders us sometimes so warped and twisted, that we emerge truly ethereal in our brokenness. These are my observations in those veneers, the illusions…that make us be and not be and then be again. Check out my special Instagram account for this project.

Stay tuned for upcoming exhibitions in 2020. 

Praise for series:

- Based on this series, a review by a well-known curator and personal friend. 

This is interesting Anuj, and will resonate with a lot of people. I like the literal application of your ideas to image growing from a more free flow sparsity to a dense linearity.

                                                                                                                   - Deeksha Nath (Curator)

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Photos with my art

Broken Beauty Video