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Hi, I am Anuj Madan (우주), a artist/photographer specializing in large scale art commissions as well as Portraits and project based Food photography.

My Motto:

      "It is a privilege to bring my vision to life"

 Hi, my name is Anuj, and since you will be dealing with me directly, you might as well get to know me a little. I am an Indian-American photographer and I love being 'more than just a photographer'. I have an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird University, and was a college professor in South Korea for 7 years before I surrendered to the artist in me and became a photographer under the mentorship of some recognized and award-winning photographers. The journey continues and most recently my work has taken a more process-driven turn into abstract and conceptual art.

A recent exhibition titled: Broken Beauty is based on the following concept. 

Nothing is perfect. And in the seemingly perfect, are hidden flaws, slowly revealed; unveiling the true beauty within. The fragility that is inherent in us all, renders us sometimes so warped and twisted, that we emerge truly ethereal in our brokenness. These are my observations in those veneers, the illusions…that make us be and not be and then be again. Check out my special Instagram account for this project.

To set up a meeting email whereisanuj@gmail.com , or call me at (+91)98119 03173

Broken Beauty Video